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Types of Contract Bonds

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6 Types of Contact Bonds

Bid Bond

A bid bond is a contract bond that is used to bid on specific projects. If you win the bid for the project, you are agreeing to the terms which were laid out in the bid bond contract and sign all contracts in accordance to the specific project in which you won. The bid bond helps prevent contractors from submitting a low bid and changing the terms of the agreement after the bid is won. It guarantees that that the contractor submitting the bid agrees to enter into a legitimate and formal contract with the obligee and further provide a performance and payment bond before the start of the construction project.

Performance Bond

A performance bond is issued, usually in accordance with a payment bond, before the start of a construction project. A performance bond guarantees the satisfaction of a completed project, and ensures that the contractor will complete all work on the project in accordance with the original contract. If the project is not completed during the set amount of time, or to the standards agreed upon in the contact, a claim against the performance bond can be filed.

Payment Bond

A payment bond is issued before the start of a construction project alongside a performance bond to ensure that all subcontractors, laborers, and suppliers, and materials are paid for accordingly. If anyone on the project is not paid as stated in the contract, a claim can be made on the payment bond.

Supply Bond

A supply bond is a type of contract bond that guarantees the obligee will provide all necessary materials to a contractor for a specific construction project. A supply bond is often required of contractors who furnish or provide various materials for a project but didn’t actually perform any work on that specific project.

Maintenance Bond

A maintenance bond is acquired to protect the principal of a project from poor workmanship or low quality of work that will not last over time. This type of contract bond protects the owner of the project and ensures that the contractor will correct any work or replace damaged or defective materials up until a set period of time after project completion which is agreed upon before all contracts are signed.

Subdivision Bond

A subdivision bond is also a type of contract bond that guarantees the contractor will make any required improvements to the property over a period of time once the project is complete. This agreement is necessary in order to even be awarded the project in the first place.

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