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People First, For a Lasting Partnership

Surety Place is the first bond only placement service whose sole purpose is to build a partnership you can trust and provide market access to deliver balanced bond portfolios at a time when automated systems and P&L’s matter more than people.

Over many years, Surety Place has built, added to and continued to perfect, programs and services to help business owners and agents quickly identify the best surety fit and find solutions when it seems like there are none.

For Agents

Dedicated Support for Agents

Surety Place provides a comprehensive level of service adding value to your agency as if we were your own department. Having access to our programs, expertise and volume, you will have the confidence to be in front of any client or potential client and know you will be able to meet their bonding needs.

Decades of Combined Surety Experience

As a people first company, Surety Place is not your typical agency or surety provider.  Through building a professional relationship based on trust and execution, we work side by side to provide solutions that make sense.  Having a dedicated account management team, you will never guess whom you will be dealing with.  Working together with your account manager, you will know your client has the tools to win.

What our clients are sayings

“Surety Placement Services not only took care of us when others would not, they have exceeded my expectations and secured our bonding needs with superior service and great programs.”

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For Contractors

Extensive Knowledge of the Construction Industry

Understanding the nuances of the construction industry and how the surety world views it, is the difference between a successful surety management group and a typical bond placement agency. With years of construction and surety industry experience coupled with the personal touch we apply to our relationship with you, we are able to see the hurdles before they happen and find the solution before the need.

We have numerous specialty programs that help the new and emerging contractor grow when need be, as well as access to the large cap sureties that can maintain and grow with even the largest contractor.

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For Business Owners

Specialty Programs with Various A Rated Sureties Across the Nation

As industry leaders, Surety Place is constantly working with our surety partners to create faster, easier and less expensive ways for our clients to obtain bonding. Some programs are exclusive to us as a firm, and others are made available across the country and have changed the way a surety producer does business. No matter what your need, we can provide the solution. Check out some of our amazing placement programs by visiting specialty bond programs area

Individual Bond Placement

No bond is too small. There are no contracts to do business with Surety Place. We feel by taking care of one bond, you will see the added value and want to partner with us on future bonding needs. We treat your simple $1,000 license bond the same way we would a multi-million dollar contract. We are family here at Surety Place, and doing business with us means you are family too.

 Let us be your bond department. So many agencies struggle with surety bond placement. Often times they have access to a handful of markets that take time to reply and return a yes or no answer with little information you can bring back to your clients. Other times there is someone in your office that wears numerous hats trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Surety Place give you a department extension of your agency, that will represent you to your clients if need be and will always be here as a resource for you to close that next client or make your current client happy.

Saving Your Clients Time & Money with Program Customization

By leveraging our in house authority against our substantial industry relationships, we are able to create custom programs that will ultimately save you time and money while giving your book of business stability and peace of mind. Whether you are an agency or a business owner, managing large amounts of bond requirements across numerous clients can be overwhelming.  We make it easy.

Presentation Assistance

Presentation is 50% or more of the qualifying process. Many of our agents will have The Surety Place present their client’s account even when the agent represents the same surety, simply because of the quality of presentation our underwriters put together. This allows your company or client to be presented in the best possible light.

Aggregate Services

Our surety brokerage allows large and small aggregate insurance groups to give a true surety option to their affiliated agencies. By creating a familiar brand and message, we can service your agents as if we were there in your offices.

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Whatever your bonding needs, The Surety Place is here to help. Give our dedicated account managers a call today.