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SBA Bond Guarantee Program Press Release

Original Press Release

PHOENIXFeb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Surety Placement Services, LLC DBA The Surety Place, has been ranked the top performing bond agency located in Arizona and the Southwest region for  the 2018 fiscal year by the Small Business Administration. Ranked #9 in the nation, The Surety Place was one of the most active bond agencies contributing to the Surety Bond Guarantee Program, which has been set in place to guarantee small businesses the surety bonds necessary to grow within the federal, state, local, and private sectors. From performance bonds to various contract bonds, The Surety Place knows that smaller construction companies rely on the SBG Program to help underwrite the bonds needed in order to grow.

“In 2018, AZA Construction Inc was actively looking to grow our business through municipal contracts in the State of Texas and with our Surety agent, The Surety Place. By working with our Surety agent and The SBA Bond Guarantee program we were able to bid multiple projects and we were recently awarded our first municipal contract. The program was easy to set up with The Surety Place and we are looking forward in growing our business for years to come.” – Farrukh Rehman, President of AZA Construction Inc

The Surety Place is honored to be one of the select few bond agencies to have a direct relationship with the SBA and to actively participate in the SBG Program. As business owners, they know how important this program is for emerging and growing businesses in Arizona and the SouthWest region. Having only participated in the program for less than 2 years, being ranked #1 in Arizona and #9 in the nation for the 2018 fiscal year proves their dedication and belief in the SBG Program. They are excited to continue growing their relationship and partnership with the SBA in 2019.

About The Surety Place: The Surety Place is a national surety and bonding account management group capable of facilitating all bonding needs whether large or small in any of the 50 states. With over 50 years of combined experience, they have been able to create intimate relationships and specialty programs with various A-rated sureties across the nation. The Surety Place has been helping businesses grow since 2002 and their efforts with the SBA will continue to make this possible.

UPDATE: The Surety Place has now won Surety Agency Of The Year two years in a row, receiving the recognition for 2019 as well.

February 8th, 2019
Surety Place