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Probate Bonds

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What is a Probate Bond?

A probate bond, also known as a fiduciary bond, estate bond, or executor bond, is a type of court bond that ensures that the person appointed to govern the distribution of a person’s assets after their death will complete the duties as appointed to them in good faith. A probate bond is often required by many courts for anyone who is appointed as an executor, guardian, trustee, or administrator on someone’s personal assets. The probate bond ensures that the executor of the will or any other assets will distribute the will according to the wishes of the deceased with full honesty. If for some reason the executor chooses to not follow the wishes of the deceased and fraud occurs, the probate bond will cover any loss from those affected by the dishonesty of the executor. The probate bond is almost always required when someone is appointed to act on behalf of another person(s).



FAQs About Probate Bonds

How much does a Probate Bond Cost?

A probate bond will vary in cost depending on the coverage needed and is usually calculated based on the total value of the estate or will that the trustee or fiduciary is responsible for. Probate bonds, like most bonds, are usually between 1% and 3% of the total value of the estate. Your premium will range based on your personal credit score and financial and bond history.

Who typically needs a Probate Bond?

A probate bond is needed for anyone who has been appointed as the trustee or executor of someone else's property after they have passed or if they are considered a minor, disabled, or incompetent. This responsibility can include distribution of finances, affairs, and assets, while also caring for the person's estate. The bond will typically be requested by probate courts.

What are the different types if probate bonds?

There are a handful of probate bonds that typically all do the same things but the title will change according to that specific state's legislation. Other types of probate bonds include:
• Fiduciary Bonds
• Executor Bonds
• Guardianship Bonds
• Trustee Bonds
• Estate Bonds

Will bad credit affect me getting a probate bond?

At The Surety Place, we have specialty programs that help those with bad credit get the bonds they need. Usually, with applicants who have bad credit, a higher premium is required and sometimes a cosigner is necessary in order for the surety to feel comfortable underwriting the bond for a higher risk applicant. Hard to place bonds are easier to obtain with our specialty programs.


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What do Probate Bonds do?

The fiduciary can be responsible for a handful of things regarding someone’s personal estate or different assets after death, if the person is a minor, or has been deemed incompetent for any reason. Some of the responsibilities that would fall under the fiduciary include:

  • Distributing Assets according to a will
  • Paying off any debt for the diseased person(s)
  • Being the responsible party for another person and making personal care and health-related decisions for the person
  • Protecting the assets of an estate
  • Inventorying any and all property within an estate
  • Contacting beneficiaries
  • Initiating and overseeing the appraisal of an estate
  • Guaranteeing that taxes are calculated and paid correctly

The probate bond will protect beneficiaries from any fraudulent activity from the fiduciary that occurs or negatively effects any of the above responsibilities.


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