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Meet Aksel Firat

More about Aksel Firat

Aksel Firat has been with the Surety Place since 2008. He started out as a Producer/frontline underwriter, then Director of Sales, and eventually President. Over the past 8-9 years Aksel Firat has been a member of the NASBP and the Surety Association of Arizona (SAA). Aksel Firat was an officer to the Board of Director for the SAA from 2013-2016 and acting President in 2015.

Prior to the Surety Place, Aksel was first exposed to Surety Bonds as a Senior Project Manager for a small General Construction & Development company located in Phoenix, AZ. His experience working in the construction industry, and gaining experience in contract development, makes him a great resource for all Surety Bond needs.

Aksel wants to help, support and grow your bond portfolio.

With our in house authority, we can provide a yes when others say no.

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