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What is A Court Bond?

By definition, court bond refers to any court ordered bond. There are many types of bonds with different underwriting criteria.

Types of Court Bonds

  • Appeal Bond
  • Injunction Bond
  • Custodial / Guardianship Bond
  • Probate / Executor Bond

Appeal Bond

When a court makes a financial judgment and an appeal has been made, the court will order an appeal bond to be in place to protect the original financial judgment. This is for two reasons. One to guarantee the awarded party payment if the appeal is lost, and two is to hopefully stop time-wasting appeals.

Injunction Bond

An Injunction is a good example of a plaintiff bond. This is where the court stops another from continuing an action in question.

Custodial / Guardianship Bond

These bonds are required of the appointed guardian of assets benefiting a minor or incapable person or entity. Often times you will see this when a minor’s parents have passed and assets have been left to the minor. The bond guarantees that the responsible party (new guardian or responsible adult/facilitator of the assets) will manage those assets in the minor’s best interest until an adult. These bonds can also be used for any incapable situation. The physically or mentally incapable, elderly or other reason for a court to deem someone incapable of correctly managing their own assets are a few examples.

Probate / Executor Bond

Probate bonds are required by the person who has been given the responsibility to distribute assets of one’s estate. There is an assumed fiduciary responsibility by the executor and this bond is to protect the estate’s assets from misuse.

FAQs About Court Bonds

What is the purpose of a court bond?

Court bonds are judicial surety bonds that ensure protection from loss in a court proceeding. Court bonds are typically required for plaintiffs rather than defendants but on occasion can be required by a defendant and can be used for a company as a whole or an individual's protection. Some court bonds are required by the state as well depending on the specific bond type.

Will each court bond have different terms and qualifications?

Yes, each court bond will have a different set of terms and qualifications. The length of the court proceedings, the specific court bond type, and the surety-specific term and agreements will all be factors that affect the bond terms. Usually, a court bond will be issued between 1-4 years. The Surety Place can help decipher how long your bond term needs to be.


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