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Aksel Firat

President/ Surety Agent

866.430.3222 ext.1589

Kelli Linsted

Senior Account Manager/ Surety Agent

866.430.3222 ext.1590

Megan Runde

Vice President of Contract Underwriting/ Surety Agent

866.430.3222 ext.2977

Aaron West

Vice President of Commercial Underwriting/ Surety Agent

866.430.3222 ext.1591

Danielle Ford

CEO/ VP of Marketing

866.430.3222 ext.1586

James Bounds

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

866.430.3222 ext.1584

Magen Graves

Bond Coordinator

866.430.3222 ext.1594

Jen Halland

Senior Bond Coordinator

866.430.3222 ext.1580

Nicholas Kertesz

Executive Administrative Assistant/ Bond Coordinator